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31 October 2022

One Dance UK awards 2022: winners in


Chief executive officer of One Dance UK, Andrew Hurst, said: “We are delighted to recognise the hard work and talent of people making a difference to the dance sector. These awards acknowledge some of the many areas of work that p...

18 September 2022

Vache Baroque Festival 2022 Review: La Descente d’Orphée Aux...


The heart of the presentation relied on strong contrasts, not just in their colouring, but also in the costuming and movement of the singers, and the dancing of the BirdGang Ltd Dancers, choreographed by Simeon Qsyea. Act one, at...

2 September 2022

Charpentier’s La descente d’Orphée aux Enfers charms at the...


The myth of Orpheus and Euridice is dramatically and symbolically tailor-made for opera, so it’s no wonder that so many composers have been inspired by Ovid’s tale, with its fatal snakebite, journey to the Underworld, and musician...

17 August 2022

A Different way to Dance - Hatchwork, by Birdgang Ltd


Art is subjective, whatever the discipline; the art, the subjectivity influenced by feelings, desires, morals, personal experience, opinions, all borne from a perceptive interpretation of the world.

16 August 2022

Avant-garde movement meets traditional Baroque dance with Bi...


The Vache Baroque Festival is back for its third summer offering, having launched during the pandemic to bring world-class Baroque music to The Chilterns AONB. Following collaboration in 2020, hip hop dance theatre and UK creative...

1 May 2022

The Vache Baroque Festival 2022: in conversation with co-fou...


The myth of Orpheus and the story of opera are inextricable. Gifted the first musical instrument, the lyre, by his father, Apollo, Orpheus and his art represent man’s need to create: to control the physical world through song, uni...

26 November 2020

New moves: dazzling dance films to watch in


A slickly made (pre-pandemic) short from Ukweli Roach and BirdGang, filmed by Colin
Emerson. Set to the eponymous track by electro-soul singer Kyan, there’s a simple idea behind it – I won’t describe it in full, but suffice to say...

6 November 2020

New moves: dazzling dance films to watch in lockdown


From Paris rooftops to a giant yellow inflatable, dancers find new places to perform in this batch of enthralling shorts.

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