25th July 2021

BirdGang Ltd is proud to announce 'HATCHWORK', an evening of Scratch works created by the Hip Hop theatre companies trainees and members. This will be a relaxed evening, sharing and discussing new work and work in progress after a week of intensive R&D supported by Stanley Arts and BirdGang Movement Architects. Come and enjoy, have a say and see something never shown before, never tested and fresh out of the lab for your eyes only.

Vache Baroque
30th August 2021

Ever wondered what dance music sounded like in 17th and 18th century Europe? Who danced to it? And where? Did people dance in groups or alone? Were the dances choreographed or improvised? Vache Baroque Festival, Dance Suites feat. BirdGang Ltd will enlighten you.


'IMPRESSIONS' is inspired by the imagery of the famous ‘Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima’ photo and the responsibility we have as artists to continue carrying the flag for our artforms. 

The new film premiered at Breakin’ Convention 3rd - 4th July and will launch on our FILM CHANNEL 9th July 2021 so stay tuned...