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BirdGang Ltd are proud to announce HATCHWORK 24 – an evening of hatched creativity by emerging Hip Hop Theatre Creatives

4pm, Saturday 30th March at Stanley Arts, London


Photo by Jahvin Morgan Photography

Award-winning, hip-hop dance theatre and UK-based creative company BirdGang Ltd are proud to announce HATCHWORK 24, an evening of hatchworks (scratch works) created during a two-week professional development residency designed for eight artists, supported by Stanley Arts, Idlewild Trust and Arts Council England.

During this program, eight artists will receive mentorship from BirdGang Ltd Movement Architects and engage in workshops led by external specialists in areas such as music, lighting, costume and set design, and creative entrepreneurship. Throughout the residency, artists explore diverse creation methods and are encouraged to consider how film and immersive technologies can impact their work, expanding the work's accessibility and legacy.

The public performance is the culmination of this intensive two-week experience hosted at Stanley Arts, London on March 30th, 2024.

It will be a relaxed evening, with guests invited to view and discuss new work, fresh out of ‘the lab’. 

HATCHWORK 24 follows Family (dys)Function with Dance Umbrella, a transformative performance at Stanley Arts developed by an intergenerational cast of 30 local people, as part of Croydon Borough of Culture 2023. THE BATTLE  CAGE Vol.3 – an exhilarating Hip Hop competition that brings some of the UK's most skilled dancers together to go head-to-head for their chance to claim the Championship Title. 20 new recruits to BirdGang Ltd’s training programme THE NEST, and notable film releases including the award-winning original film Flying Home. Debuting in July 2020 on BBC iPlayer, BirdGang Ltd was commissioned by the BBC and the Arts Council England to produce a dance film under COVID-19 lock-down conditions and went on to win awards at the Utah Dance Film Festival and Depth of Field International Film Festival to name a few. 

Other notable films include ‘Impressions: Ensign 7’ which explores the constant inner battles that any artist faces and the struggles the creative industry has had to navigate to support one another during, and after, the pandemic. The short film went on to win awards in the Best Shorts Competition and Fullshot Cine Mag Fest. Watch BirdGang Ltd’s original films on their film channel:

BirdGang Ltd’s Youth Company EGGZ ( will be performing as part of ‘Arcadia’ – a  four-day (4th - 7th April) arts festival that imagines and explores a future of harmony with nature; a world of abundance and the Croydon community’s active responses to climate and social injustice via dance, acting, music and art installations. Delivered by Stanley Arts and Boundless Theatre in conjunction with Croydon Youth Theatre, BirdGang Ltd and Syrus Consultancy.


BirdGang Ltd are dedicated to fostering artistic growth and innovation. This commitment led Kayla “PEACOCK” Lomas (BirdGang’s Head of Education) to establish THE HATCHWORK programme at BirdGang Ltd, a launchpad for emerging talent in the arts.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a transformative journey, including:


  • Professional development residency for eight artists.

  • Mentorship from BirdGang Ltd Movement Architects. Ukweli Roach, Kendra Horsburgh and Simeon Qsyea.

  • Workshops by external specialists in music with Max Cyrus, lighting with Kory Trantum, costume/set design with Rebecca Bevan, and business development with Tom Harvey.

  • Focus on diverse creation methods with Botis Seva and the use of film and immersive technologies with Simeon Qsyea and Kendra Horsburgh.

  • Opportunity for artists to meet an industry panel for feedback and career opportunities.

£10-12 tickets for HATCHWORK 24 are available from

4pm, Sunday 30th March at Stanley Arts, 12 S Norwood Hill, London SE25 6AB.

BirdGang-CREDIT Paul Hampartsoumian.jpg

Photo by Jahvin Morgan Photography


BirdGang Ltd are movement architects, bringing their spirit craft and live experiences to brands, audiences and pupils around the world. An award-winning UK-based creative company with Hip Hop dance art forms in their DNA, that creates, teaches and distributes avant-garde dance content for stage, theatre, TV and film. 

BirdGang Ltd have worked with companies, artists and brands including Jungle, Adidas, Mariah Carey, Diversity, Alexandra Burke, Wiley, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Zara Larsson, Disney Studios, Robbie Williams, BMW Red Bull, BBC Sounds and ITV, creating unforgettable moments for viewers.

BirdGang Ltd tell thought-provoking stories and paint vivid, striking images that challenge social stereotypes with an aim to create positive social change. Guided by the ethos that dance, like all art forms, must use a knowledge of its past, fused with previously unexplored possibilities, BirdGang Ltd’s mission is to demonstrate that there is an evolving hip hop culture of great artistic and intellectual depth that influences the creation of multidisciplinary work across the contemporary arts.

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For any further information, to request an interview with BirdGang Ltd management and members, please contact Jessica Murray at

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