By Kendra “KRO” Horsburgh and Ukweli “QUAILS” Roach

 "IMPRESSIONS: Ensign 7" – a new collaboration between BirdGang Ltd and Chris Hopkins, principal conductor of the renowned English Sinfonia and a frequent face at the London Coliseum, premiered at Breakin’ Convention: Breakout Convention at Sadler’s Wells – the world's biggest festival of hip hop dance.
This piece, filmed at the London Coliseum: Home of English National Opera, is performed to Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No7 played by Chris Hopkins. Inspired by the imagery of the famous ‘Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima’ photo, ‘Ensign 7’ explores the constant inner battles that any artist faces, and the struggles the creative industry has had to navigate in order to support one another during, and after, the pandemic. The battle to stay standing; to overcome fear and self-doubt; the courage and endurance to succeed, and the legacy it leaves behind for those who come after...